PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 20


In this sketch, the object in my shot is a special wall, which can reflect a corridor. I recorded a scene of people walking down the corridor. I think, whenever and wherever, the portaflexibility of the mobile phone camera can satisfy my need for recording my life. I think as long as I carry my phone, I can become a cameraman at any time.
In addition, my mobile phone camera encourages me to become an observer. I think people could be the record of history in contemporary society.
What is more, many people have already used to recording their life by mobile phone. This phenomenon is noticeable, but it can illustrate the practicability and the flexibility of the mobile phone camera.


PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 19

I recorded this footage is because I wanted to express a casual atmosphere. This sketch present birds were walking on the grass. This scene embodies the harmony of human and nature. Green is vigorous and always symbolizes hope, which could make a contrast with the rainy day.
I try to analysis the reason why I like street snap very much. It because I like documentary photography. The portability and ubiquity of the phone’s camera spark my interest even more. Recording and sharing become my habit. I also think it a kind of spiritual needs.
Even though this is a simple sketch, it could be a part of my footages, which I can use it make a whole video.

PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 18

In all of my sketches, “Woolworth” is the only one which I decided the location for shooting in advance. I often go to this supermarket, where is also a crowded place. This popular supermarket which has many customers. I can observe their appearances, manners, the different languages they use when they are picking up the goods.
Different customers have their different behaviour and story. By observing the details of their conducts, I can be fun.
Sometimes, taking pictures or videos is like an aggressive action. If we use a small mobile phone camera to shoot, it may avoid disturbing the object. Therefore, in some degree, the mobile phone camera has better practicability.

PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 17

Making this sketch is because I wanted to express a kind of praise to the humanity and art. The statue in this sketch is so familiar to me because I often pass here, but I do not know it much because I never view some related information of it. So I do not know any background about this statue up to now.
On that day, it was raining outside, few people in that street. When I pass the statue, I felt it looks like lonely from its back. This feeling made me stop and take out my mobile phone to record this scene.
I think the motives to take pictures or videos are complicated, whether to use the mobile phone camera or professional camera. If some scenes can touch my heart, I will try to record it without hesitation.

PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 16

In this simple sketch, a plastic bag was hanging on a tree. This scene made me feel worried about the environment of Melbourne. According to some news, Melbourne is one of the liveable city in the world. I can not avoid considering why was it there. Did somebody throw it? Then, the wind blew it toward the tree. This suspect may be wrong, but it still can stimulate my imagination.
When I meet some scenes which can make me feel like willing to record it, I often take out my mobile phone to shoot. Perhaps, the graphic is not so good, but it can inspire me thinking.

PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 15

In my impression, the police is a very special profession. Police are very secretive. This kind of subject matter is sensitive. In some area, photographing them is prohibited. However, my strong curiosity always urges me to find some special scenes and record it.
This psychological feels like eager to break the rules. Sometimes, the process of shooting footage is like tackling an adventure.
In this sketch, it presents a police car was slowing away. I do not know any story for this police car. I also could not know any story for the police who was sitting in that car at that time. I can imagine how is their career.
Therefore, shooting footages by mobile phone camera can enrich my spiritual world.

PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 14

I made this sketch is because I wanted to record the moment in that time. These workers were still working at night. When they used the machine to fix something, the sparks flew. It was bright in the dark night. I suddenly felt what a beautiful scene.
I know that the video is hard to reappear the scene which is in my eyes at that time. It is also hard for me to express my feeling when the scene touches my heart. Even though it is short, I have stayed a memory in my head.
My mobile phone camera helps me record something I found in my life. Although it still not fully functional, I have to admit the importance of it to me.