Task 4: audience analysis

Audience analysis in the case of the Editing Room Escape

1.Why are you creating this story? Goals, rationale, purpose, premise? What do you want your audience to experience or understand?

I planned to create this story is because I always feel scared for the horror genre works. I wanted to challenge myself and try to get experience in handling this kind of genre digital work. What’s more, I think the escape game is a kind of classic game. The reality escape also become more and more popular in China or in the worldwide. However, a kind of  interactive narrative escape film is rare. So that I attempted to make an interactive narrative escape film for exploring. In addition, the editing room in building9 is a rare location for making this kind of film. I also want to make this film to remember my RMIT University life.

I wanted my audience to experience an adventure with tension and horror feeling. For the RMIT audience, I wanted they can have a sense of belonging.

2.What is your story? In what way will it be original, surprising, human, passionate, truthful or relevant to your audience?

My story is about how can my protagonist collecting clues and escaping away from a nightmare in the virtual editing room. The plot branch and different endings would be surprise my audience.

3.Where will you publish your story? What platform/s and hardware are suited to your audience? E-books, blogs, videos, photos, podcasts, tweets, status updates, apps, games, forums, websites?

Youtube – video / Instagram – photos (poster) / Chengguang Game Centra – RPG word game / …

4.Who is your audience? Who is your target viewer/user – i.e. the group you will target in promoting the work?

My audience would be the person who is interested in the escape theme or horror genre. My target viewer would be RMIT all the students and faculty, particularly media students and faculty.

5.When will you create the content and start to engage your audience? What is the production process and publishing schedule?

I planned to create the content this semester. For starting to engage my audience, I think it should be in the post production progress. The pre-production would be in this semester. Production, post production and publishing stages would be in next semester.

6.How will your audience participate in the narrative? Will they be able to contribute to the narrative, alter the narrative, respond to the narrative?

Because this is a role played narrative short film which means it provides multiple options for participators. Different options may bring them into different plot branch and may lead to quite different endings. This setting could be present a feature of conscious activity.  


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