Task 3: investigate digital tools

Chengguang word Games Software


Chengguang word Games Software is provided by a Chinese RPG Website, which is the Chengguang Games Centra. Users can use this software make RPG styled word games and only be allowed play in Chengguang Games Centra. This is a tool which is easy to learn and master. Chengguang Games Centra attract many young aged chinese word games players to visit this website and even make games by using their unique software.

There are a lot of narrative games in this website. Because of the interactivity and participation of the features in this website and games making software so that I just simply make some sequences which are related to my original project, by using this tool.

Illustration below


This word games making tool provide many footages for download and use. There are two different choices, free and pay. If you pay, you can get more images of the animation for characters and backgrounds, and more sounds and original game interface which are created by players rather than Chengguang creation team.

Considering the interactive narrative feature for my original project – Editing Room Escape, I planned to make a film short as well as a word game. All the picture footages would shoot by myself. I planned to use this tool and produce in this website for Chinese player. However, because of the limited team member, those tasks seems too heavy to achieve.

However, this tool and platform may could be carried out in the Side Reaction Project if our team have enough time and interested in it. This also need to be discussed.


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