Task 2: write a digital narrative outline

Editing Room Escape narrative outline:

Story background

You are in a nightmare, you should find a clue to escape from the editing room for getting away from the nightmare.

Part of the main narrative

You are editing your documentary at editing room. It is 11pm now, you hesitate go home or continue.

You continue your editing but the screen is black suddenly but you didn’t save your work, you feel so angry/ comfort yourself right away.

You feel so angry, you throw your wallet which on the desk to the ground fiercely. You find your student card fall out from your wallet, you bend down and going to pick it up. At this time, you found there is a small thing on the carpet under the table, it is a single petal of a rose/ coin.

You find a coin, you put that coin into your pocket without hesitation/ just leave it alone.

After you pack your things, you are ready to leave. You seem to see someone in the inside room, will you have a look or leave straight away?

You go over and cast a glance at that room, you see a view of a girl’s side face, she has small fellow, shoulder-length hair, wearing white shirt and red skirt. Then, you walk and go upstairs. When you reach the door, you can’t find your student card. You think you must lost it in that room. However, When you back to that room, you search careful but not find. You intend to go somewhere else to look for your student card. Resting area/ Passage/ Stairs.

You find a painted card which is a Van gogh’s water lily. You hold it and observe, it disappear. You feel so surprised and scared. You call your boyfriend immediately/ go running to the small fellow girl.

Your unsuccessful calls, you realize there is a girl still in here, you decide to go to find her. When you get close, you find nobody inside, but the screen still open. Also, there are notebook, pen, paper on the table. The door is open, will you enter?

You only through the glass and observe inside the room. You find the display screen is also present an image of Van gogh’s water lily. You feel scared, looking down and turning round. The girl is staring at you.

To be continued…

Ending Plans

1.Happy Ending: Wake up from nightmare

2.Bad Ending: Be deep in the weird world

3.Funny Ending: Mischievous boyfriend

Features of digital networked media

Form Feature Media platform
Animation Comic Game interactive/ visualization/ entertainment… Chengguang Game’s Centre


Interactive narrative short film Same Youtube


How my audience will access each scene and how they will participate in the unfolding of the narrative?

User interaction:

Play the role

Selections – different selections may cause different branch plot enter and even different endings.

1.Direction selections (branch plot)

Eg. turn left/ turn right

2.Area selections  (branch plot)

Eg. You find your student card is missing, where are you going to look for it firstly?

Resting area/ Passage/ Stairs

3.Situational reactions (branch plot and different ending)

Eg. You find something under the table, Oh it’s a..

single petal of a rose/ coin

4.Action selections (branch plot)

Eg. It is 11:00 pm, you are going to…

go home/ go on

5.Logical judgment(If audience didn’t notice the clue and make a wrong decision, they will get bad ending ) (branch plot and different ending)

Eg. What are you going to take to him?



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