Task 1: analyse a digital narrative

Chinese Paladin Game Series

Case: Single game – Chinese Paladin One

Genres: Adventure, fantasy, martial arts, romance

Story elements:

Events – Aunt had fallen sick; Runs into Zhao Ling’er; Got married; Xiao Yao’s memory gets completely wiped away; Ling’er disappears; Xiao Yao’s memories returns;


            Li Xiao Yao(Male), Age 19, protagonistScreen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.10.31 PM.png


            Zhao Ling’er(Female), Age 16

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.10.41 PM.png

            Lin Yue Ru(Female), Age 18



Time – The series starts with the execution of Nan Zhao’s Queen who was accused of being a demon. It be setted in a virtual time.

Place – Fantasy environment, the scene include underground palace, Chinese ancient gasthaus, graveyard, Buddhist pagoda and so on…


Narrative elements:

Ordering – While the main story is telling, the designer will put some additional background story for players and they use many flashbacks in the ending part to emphasize some romantic moments so that players may feel touched.

Pace – the plot is ups and downs.

Focalization – the focalization in this game is Li Xiaoyao ‘s adventure and love triangle story. On the one hand, players need to enhance the character’s grade from combat in order to learn advanced magic to defeat the next enemy who is stronger than the last one. On the other hand, players also interested in the development of the plot. It needs to be emphasized that because of its touching story, Chinese Paladin One has become a classic game in many Chinese gamer. So that some relevant television drama, film, novel, online game, mobile game gradually be produced.

Narrator – The storytelling in this game is consist of dialogue of characters, text background introduction and Chinese ancient poetry.


Traditional narrative features;

Series of conflicts that leads to a climax and resolution

There a love triangle in this story, which include Li Xiao Yao memory loss and forget he already married with Zhao Ling’er which can continue make misunderstanding and keep the conflict. The climax in this story is Lin Yue Ru sacrificed her life to save Zhao Ling’er, and then, Zhao Ling’er also sacrificed her life to kill a monster. So, this is a tragedy.


Water beast

The hierarch of Bai Yue



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