PB3 Reflection & Video work


‘LOOP’ is a kind of relaxed personal mobile video work. I used the TIME-LAPSE mobile camera mode to shoot all of my footages except the beginning of this video and the credits. Most of my footages have a similar frame. I made self-shootings, but I seldom show my face. Most of the time, the frame just show my half shoulder and face. Sometimes, it only shows my shadow. I decided to use this kind of mode and frame to make this video is because I wanted to demonstrate the portaflexibility of the mobile phone camera.
In this short video, I used my owe audio track. I tried to make a free and personal mobile digital work to record my daily life, which means this video is not for please publics, it is like a gift for myself.
‘How can we use video sketching with a mobile phone to demonstrate the portaflexibility of that device?’ is our group’s research question. I think my video, ‘LOOP’, which can present the portaflexibility of the mobile phone camera. It can provide some of the different shooting modes. It is easy to hold it. I can use it to do self-shooting. I could use it shoot anytime, anywhere. It is simple to use. In a word, it is very convenient for users. In addition, with the development of the technology, the quality of the mobile phone camera could become better and better. In some degree, it as some of the professional cameras.
As I said before, I wanted to make a video for myself. So from the first assessment in this subject, I have had a clear plan for this final video work. Therefore, I combined all of my footages and edited it according to the time sequence. ‘LOOP’ is consist of two parts. These two parts have the same contents but different visual effects. The colour of the first part is close to the real world, the colour of the another part is like a fantastic world. A footage of dancing in the middle is the turning  point of this video. I think life is like a dream. Sometimes, I think it is difficult to me to identify reality and fantasy. The reason why I made this video is because I want to tell myself that cherish the moments now is the most important things for me. The past is past, future is unknown, the only thing I can master is present.


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