PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 12

I made a sketch about the swing before. This sketch is different from that one. In this sketch, parents and two kids are my objects. I recorded this moment is because it was a warm picture.
The foreground of this sketch is one of my shoulders. When I watched this sketch for the first time, I seemed to see my childhood. I believed that my parents once played swing with me in that time, which made me felt miss them very much. I am growing up. My parents are also growing old.
Many times, when I see something, I am easy to connect it with my self-experience. If some moment made me feel moving or shocking, I will likely to use my mobile phone camera to record it. Generally speaking, I prefer to record some happy moments whereas bad moments. I think it is very important to me to forget something happened in my life but bring negative energy.
Thanks to the portaflexibility of the mobile phone camera, I can keep this kind of special moments in my life.




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