PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 11

I like this sketch because I enjoy the time when I am staying with my friends. I made this sketch at my friend’s apartment. We played a dance video game, we laughed. I suddenly realized that this is a good moment for my sketch work. So I picked up my mobile phone and recorded it.
I record this footage is not just because of the work. The main reason is that moment is special for me. It made me happy. It becomes a part of my life experience. I strongly felt that I need to record it. I picked up my mobile phone without thinking.
Sometimes, I see my mobile phone camera as my friend. It can
encourage me to record some moments which are important to me because I know it is in my pocket.
My friends played a whole dance. I think using the Time-lapse mode made a short video is suitable for these dancing movements. I will treasure this sketch.


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