PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 03

Most of the time, I walk hurried. One day, I wanted to stop and watch the view of this city. I found a window which reflexed the image so that I sat down by the window. I saw me back in the window, which becomes a part of the street scene. I felt a little bit lonely a while. Shortly after, I told myself “Even if you are alone, life goes on. Become braver.” I enjoyed that time. Now, I also think I need that time more.
In that day, I used my mobile camera to shoot a sketch but I got an opportunity to have a conversation with myself. I think that is fantastic. mobile phone recording lets me enjoy a shortly quiet moment and focus on my heart.
The image is not beautiful. The window is dusty. However, it is enough to present a kind of emotion which is I wanted to express.


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