PIM ‘portaflexibility’ SKETCH 02

I made this sketch is because I think that was a special scene for me in that day. I saw a man and a woman were standing in the corner. I guessed they are a couple and new here. They looked their map carefully. Meanwhile, people was coming and going on the pavement. I felt Melbourne for me was a stimulating balance between the strange and familiar. Many people new here, many people have lived this city a long time as well. I suddenly realized the charm of this city.
I like that moment so much. I can not wait to record it. My mobile phone camera helped me to record this special moment, which aroused my emotion in that time.
I think the Time-Lapse mode is not the best way to record it because it plays too fast to present the special atmosphere. The fast-paced frames also might let audiences feel like this is an indifferent scene. It is not true. In fact, that moment made me happy and relaxed.


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