PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 1 by Cheng

According to the affordance of  our group’s case study, I use my mobile phone shoot this sketch is because I want to present a kind of ‘portflexibility’ in people’s daily life. For example, in this sketch, I use the time-lapse mode to shoot for a little while in class. It is evident that because of the ‘portflexibility’ of the mobile phone camera, people can shoot for recording their life.
This footage was shooted when we just after class. I think this is an interesting moment because I guess students may feel relaxed in that moment. Comparing the concentration of the students in the class to after class, I want to catch a moment which is that students are becoming freer from concentrated studying. So that this is a mind switched moment, which can present people’s changing on their emotions and behaviors.
The problem in this footage is the quality of the image. If the shooting place is lightless, getting a good quality of the image will become difficult. I used a Time-lapse mode to shoot this sketch, I think the time is too short. I will make the time become longer next time.


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