PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 7 by Leila

In this sketch, ‘Watching a video’, from Leila, the footage looks like very abstract. By watching her ending in this video and the hint from the title, I understand how can she made a video like that. She presses her mobile phone camera to a screen maybe in an exhibition hall.
I particular like this sketch because I think this is a creative shoot. Images are colorful and change all the time with a noisy background sound, which could express Leila’s emotion. However, this footage is too abstract to describe for me. It also gives a kind of complicated feelings.
Considering the affordance of our group’s case study, which is the ‘portflexibility’ , I think it has been presented in this sketch because Leila can shoot in a specific place. If she brings a heavy and professional camera, the exhibition hall might ask her to show the license. She also can shoot immediately when She found any interests or got ideas. It can present some advantages of the mobile phone camera.
I have a little suggestion for this sketch. I think the movement of the mobile phone camera could be softer. It may make the image and the sound match better.


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