PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 6 by Shu

As Shu said, she shoots this sketch in the inside of an apartment. This image includes a light and shift bubbles. It presents a kind of abstract and soft atmosphere.
This video also evident that an affordance of mobile phone camera shooting. That is ‘portflexibility’. Because of the portable and the flexibility of the mobile phone camera, Shu can bring her phone to shoot  wherever and whenever she wants. So that the ‘portflexibility’ of the mobile phone camera provide many opportunities to people for recording their life or shooting the world whatever they feel interested.
The main reason why I am fond of this sketch is because I can feel that Shu put her feelings into this video. I can receive a sign which related to her mood. It is difficult to explain clearly. It is an abstract feeling. Whatever, I am sure that she wants to express a kind of her emotion from this footage. The result is from her observing to the world. In addition, I like this kind of footage is because this kind of  abstract footage also gives me  a sense of free and relax.
I can not find any problem for this sketch, I like it very much.






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