PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 5 by GaGa

In this sketch, which is made by Gaga, we can find there is a common environment with my sketch three. I believe that GaGa and I have a common sense in the affordance of the mobile phone camera, which is a feature of private. I think this feature is based on the ‘portflexibility’ because using the mobile phone camera to shoot is more convenient and freer. Considering the field of psychology, I guess using the mobile phone to shoot could reduce to the subject to be on the alert.
For example, in this video, I think Gaga asked other people using a mobile phone to shoot her when she was taking a shower. I like this sketch is because I can feel a kind of watery emotion between her and the shooter. Her action is nature and soft.
However, the frame and the scene could be designed more creative and artistic. I suggest that she can use a close-up shot to construct a private, abstract and artistic atmosphere.
In general, this sketches evident one of the advantages of the ‘portflexibility’ of the mobile phone camera, which eliminates or reduces a sense of being on guard between the cameraman and the subject.


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