PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 4 by Mark


‘To be fear’ is a sketch which shoots by Mark(Cheng Ma) at night. The location is in the Flinders street station.  He uses his mobile phone shooting  the street scene which is like the documentary photography mode.
I like this shoot is because it presents a kind of nature status. People’s talking, people’s different actions, traffic and details. I can feel this is a real world but it looks really like using the professional camera shoot this footage whereas the mobile phone camera. In addition,  the sound of the background also give me a sense of nature. As the affordance of our group’s case study mentioned, ‘portflexibility’ can be presented in the mobile phone camera shooting. In this sketch, because of the portable and flexibility of the mobile phone camera, Mark can shoot on the street easier and more casual. If he uses the professional camera to shoot, some people may be disgusted with his action. Using mobile phone camera to shoot would be easier accepted by other people.
However, I think in this sketch, the movement of the mobile camera could be more careful in order to get a better frame. What’s more, the image quality is a common problem when people use mobile phone camera shoot at night.


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