PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 3 by Cheng

Choosing this time-lapse footage as one of my sketches is because I think the mobile phone camera is convenient for getting some private shooting. I think one of the reasons why some people are willing to record their private life by using mobile phone camera is because of the ‘portflexibility’. People may feel stress-free when they use it. The professional camera usually heavier and looks more aggressive.
A friend asked me a question after watching this sketch, why it is too short. She also could not find that I used Time-LAPSE mode. I explained that I want to combine those short sketch together by editing and making a sequence of video. In the each of my sketch, the foreground is my left shoulder. I want to record something around my daily life. It also can present my curiosity in observational aspect.
Choosing Time-Lapse mode is because of my outlook on life. I think life is short, time flies quickly, life is like a dream or a film. I am eager to record something is because I want to leave something in the world. However, time sponges out all trace of the memory finally, so that I should cherish the present and enjoy every moment of life. Even though all the recordings will disappear, I still want to enjoy the recording process. If not, what’s the meaning of life?


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