PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 2 by Cheng

As the name implies,‘portflexibility’ means portable and flexibility. In some public area, like this sketch shoot on the tram, using the mobile phone camera can catch the footage easier  and could avoid being concerned by others. That is because the mobile phone is usually smaller than other professional camera so that people can hide their shooting for better observing. Thus, the mobile phone camera provide many opportunities for people to observe the complicated society and the common world.
The reason why I was shoot on the tram at that moment is because in that day, I was leaning back the glass board which has scratches , I found that passengers through the glass board and their face seems like have a special contact with those scratches. The light was soft, nobody was talk, That made me feel like I was in a quiet virtual space. I can not help to record this moment. I think it was a special moment in my daily life even if I take tram everyday. I just want to express the atmosphere in that moment brings me a magic feeling.
However, I know there are some shortages in this sketch. For example, like the quality of the image, time is too short, subjects are not typical enough but I know things now. An opportunity does not wait for anyone. People may miss something important if they think over. Therefore, I think the biggest advantage for the mobile phone camera  is that just shoot it as long as you want.


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