PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 7 by Leila

In this sketch, ‘Watching a video’, from Leila, the footage looks like very abstract. By watching her ending in this video and the hint from the title, I understand how can she made a video like that. She presses her mobile phone camera to a screen maybe in an exhibition hall.
I particular like this sketch because I think this is a creative shoot. Images are colorful and change all the time with a noisy background sound, which could express Leila’s emotion. However, this footage is too abstract to describe for me. It also gives a kind of complicated feelings.
Considering the affordance of our group’s case study, which is the ‘portflexibility’ , I think it has been presented in this sketch because Leila can shoot in a specific place. If she brings a heavy and professional camera, the exhibition hall might ask her to show the license. She also can shoot immediately when She found any interests or got ideas. It can present some advantages of the mobile phone camera.
I have a little suggestion for this sketch. I think the movement of the mobile phone camera could be softer. It may make the image and the sound match better.


PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 6 by Shu

As Shu said, she shoots this sketch in the inside of an apartment. This image includes a light and shift bubbles. It presents a kind of abstract and soft atmosphere.
This video also evident that an affordance of mobile phone camera shooting. That is ‘portflexibility’. Because of the portable and the flexibility of the mobile phone camera, Shu can bring her phone to shoot  wherever and whenever she wants. So that the ‘portflexibility’ of the mobile phone camera provide many opportunities to people for recording their life or shooting the world whatever they feel interested.
The main reason why I am fond of this sketch is because I can feel that Shu put her feelings into this video. I can receive a sign which related to her mood. It is difficult to explain clearly. It is an abstract feeling. Whatever, I am sure that she wants to express a kind of her emotion from this footage. The result is from her observing to the world. In addition, I like this kind of footage is because this kind of  abstract footage also gives me  a sense of free and relax.
I can not find any problem for this sketch, I like it very much.





PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 5 by GaGa

In this sketch, which is made by Gaga, we can find there is a common environment with my sketch three. I believe that GaGa and I have a common sense in the affordance of the mobile phone camera, which is a feature of private. I think this feature is based on the ‘portflexibility’ because using the mobile phone camera to shoot is more convenient and freer. Considering the field of psychology, I guess using the mobile phone to shoot could reduce to the subject to be on the alert.
For example, in this video, I think Gaga asked other people using a mobile phone to shoot her when she was taking a shower. I like this sketch is because I can feel a kind of watery emotion between her and the shooter. Her action is nature and soft.
However, the frame and the scene could be designed more creative and artistic. I suggest that she can use a close-up shot to construct a private, abstract and artistic atmosphere.
In general, this sketches evident one of the advantages of the ‘portflexibility’ of the mobile phone camera, which eliminates or reduces a sense of being on guard between the cameraman and the subject.

PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 4 by Mark


‘To be fear’ is a sketch which shoots by Mark(Cheng Ma) at night. The location is in the Flinders street station.  He uses his mobile phone shooting  the street scene which is like the documentary photography mode.
I like this shoot is because it presents a kind of nature status. People’s talking, people’s different actions, traffic and details. I can feel this is a real world but it looks really like using the professional camera shoot this footage whereas the mobile phone camera. In addition,  the sound of the background also give me a sense of nature. As the affordance of our group’s case study mentioned, ‘portflexibility’ can be presented in the mobile phone camera shooting. In this sketch, because of the portable and flexibility of the mobile phone camera, Mark can shoot on the street easier and more casual. If he uses the professional camera to shoot, some people may be disgusted with his action. Using mobile phone camera to shoot would be easier accepted by other people.
However, I think in this sketch, the movement of the mobile camera could be more careful in order to get a better frame. What’s more, the image quality is a common problem when people use mobile phone camera shoot at night.

PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 3 by Cheng

Choosing this time-lapse footage as one of my sketches is because I think the mobile phone camera is convenient for getting some private shooting. I think one of the reasons why some people are willing to record their private life by using mobile phone camera is because of the ‘portflexibility’. People may feel stress-free when they use it. The professional camera usually heavier and looks more aggressive.
A friend asked me a question after watching this sketch, why it is too short. She also could not find that I used Time-LAPSE mode. I explained that I want to combine those short sketch together by editing and making a sequence of video. In the each of my sketch, the foreground is my left shoulder. I want to record something around my daily life. It also can present my curiosity in observational aspect.
Choosing Time-Lapse mode is because of my outlook on life. I think life is short, time flies quickly, life is like a dream or a film. I am eager to record something is because I want to leave something in the world. However, time sponges out all trace of the memory finally, so that I should cherish the present and enjoy every moment of life. Even though all the recordings will disappear, I still want to enjoy the recording process. If not, what’s the meaning of life?

PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 2 by Cheng

As the name implies,‘portflexibility’ means portable and flexibility. In some public area, like this sketch shoot on the tram, using the mobile phone camera can catch the footage easier  and could avoid being concerned by others. That is because the mobile phone is usually smaller than other professional camera so that people can hide their shooting for better observing. Thus, the mobile phone camera provide many opportunities for people to observe the complicated society and the common world.
The reason why I was shoot on the tram at that moment is because in that day, I was leaning back the glass board which has scratches , I found that passengers through the glass board and their face seems like have a special contact with those scratches. The light was soft, nobody was talk, That made me feel like I was in a quiet virtual space. I can not help to record this moment. I think it was a special moment in my daily life even if I take tram everyday. I just want to express the atmosphere in that moment brings me a magic feeling.
However, I know there are some shortages in this sketch. For example, like the quality of the image, time is too short, subjects are not typical enough but I know things now. An opportunity does not wait for anyone. People may miss something important if they think over. Therefore, I think the biggest advantage for the mobile phone camera  is that just shoot it as long as you want.

PIM ‘portflexibility’ SKETCH 1 by Cheng

According to the affordance of  our group’s case study, I use my mobile phone shoot this sketch is because I want to present a kind of ‘portflexibility’ in people’s daily life. For example, in this sketch, I use the time-lapse mode to shoot for a little while in class. It is evident that because of the ‘portflexibility’ of the mobile phone camera, people can shoot for recording their life.
This footage was shooted when we just after class. I think this is an interesting moment because I guess students may feel relaxed in that moment. Comparing the concentration of the students in the class to after class, I want to catch a moment which is that students are becoming freer from concentrated studying. So that this is a mind switched moment, which can present people’s changing on their emotions and behaviors.
The problem in this footage is the quality of the image. If the shooting place is lightless, getting a good quality of the image will become difficult. I used a Time-lapse mode to shoot this sketch, I think the time is too short. I will make the time become longer next time.