I like the performative mode for some reasons.

Specific theme

After watching the Supersize me, Morgan Spurlock 2004 and the Slacker Uprising, Michael Moore 2013, I find that those kind of documentary have a common feature – specific theme. Director want to tell a story for audience. They organize the documentary carefully. The theme of the documentary usually related to some social events. I think it is different to some other modes, like the observational mode which have more complicated themes. I think these themes are more abstract. For example, like Frederick Wiseman, Hospital (1970) – fly on the wall, American hospital, after watching it, I know the main location is a hospital, but I need to guess what does the director want to say. If I don’t know the background of the story at all and if I totally don’t know English, I couldn’t understand the meaning of this documentary.

Clear structure

The reason why I like the performative mode very much also because of its clear structure. This kind of documentaries usually have clear beginning, middle and end. So the audience can understand what does the director want to express. The audience don’t have to worry about whether they know the related background or languages because of the clear structure. Directors organize the structure carefully. They usually add some images, graphs and animations into the documentary, which can make direct impressions to the audience. This kind of documentaries look like they are rich in content. I think as a beginner to make a documentary, I prefer choosing this mode to make because of the clear structure. After doing more practice, I think I can try to follow other modes. I think it will be a challenge because I think it will more complicated to organize the structure. Also, it is difficult to present the manifestation of the rhythm in other modes.


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