No Direction Home

In the beginning of this sequence, it present some fragments of bob’s concert. Bob is the protagonist in this documentary. Martin Scorsese also use a close up shot to present bob’s face in his youth. Next, it is an abstract scene. The images are combined with trees, fogs and snow. I am not sure why the director put this scene in here. I guess it because when bob is telling, he mentioned about some scene like it or it is related to his growing environment. And next, Mr. Scorsese put some old photos into this documentary, which include bob’s childhood house and the portrait of childhood. At the same time, there is bob’s telling in the background. Then, the image cut to his interview. And then, he still telling his story about the situation of the society, some background and his family but the image changed into some clips of the old film which related to bob’s telling. The final footage is the newspaper.

So, I guess the next plot also should be some stories in his life. This documentary is like introducing bob’s lifetime. It is a process. It should be include the things happened before his singing career and after his singing career. He may talk some big troubles he meets before and some worries he considers now. I think the audience also could know some changes of the society from his story.


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