Forbidden Lies

In the beginning, I hear bird calls three times and a sound of a car engine. I think they were produced by post editing. In some transitions, the director add some special sounds also by editing. When an actress throwing a scarf into sky,  I can hear a stress which is also made by editing. When the scarf drop out, stress again. A woman walking in a desert, I can hear her footsteps and the sound of wind which made by post editing. When she vanish, I can hear a sound like wind blown sand. When the editor did some hard cuts in the clip of this film, I can hear a sound like open the book and put down the book, which are match the image. However, I don’t think they were recorded on the spot. What’s more, I can totally hear bells twice, which are in the beginning and ending. It is a good design, so cute. I like one scene very much because the director put an ethnic sound as the background music. The scene is that a woman speaking, the image present her a series of actions. The background of the ethnic sound is light and soft. However, I think there are some sounds were recorded in that time, like the sound of twitter and typing. In the middle, the director also put some special sounds into this film, like the camera clicks. When the image is showing a map, there are some sounds which include the sound of arrows and the beat of heart. These sound also produced by editing.

In the footages of the interview, I guess the editor enhance the voice of all the speakers when they did the edit. In another scene, which is a man give money to a women. The editor also put some sounds in editing. For example, a sound of kneading note, a sound of shaking coins. The next scene is two women in one bedroom, there is an edited sound which is a sound of using cigarette lighter.

In the end, a woman is using her phone of talking with a man. I can hear the man’s answers but I am not use whether it was recorded by phone or not but I guess it was not recorded in that day.


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