Reflection on the course

As I said in the first assessment, task two, ‘Goals and Desires, I wanted to know how to record sounds and images correctly and creatively, master Premiere and develop my interest in shooting and editing. So, at the end of this semester, I think I have already achieve these goals basically. However, I think I always focus on shooting and editing, which results in my poor recording knowledge and skills. I feel a little regret but I think I will have other chances to practice it in the next days. I also will review some related materials which were given by teachers. I think an instruction of recording equipment is the one which I really need to do a good review.

At the begin of this semester, I said I want to put some music into my work, which are made by myself. However, I did not do it in my mini doco exercise. I do not feel regret at all because from this course, I gradually become interested in making film. I can make sure I will achieve this goal soon.

I feel so happy because I can enjoy the process of film editing. In addition, I got a thing which is more valuable for me. That is team work. For my previous experience, I did not get many chances to work with other people so that I thought I am a person who prefer like working alone. I changed my mind after working with my lovely classmates. Now, I definitely believe that the team work is more powerful than single work. Thank my teachers and teammates because I got unforgettable experiences in this period.


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