Mini Documentary

Mini Documentary

At the first time, we interviewed four people in the street which is nearby the State Library. We didn’t find other places which may have better backgrounds because of the time. We all agreed that it will be easier to find interviewees if we set camera in a busy street. In that day, I was operate the camera. The sunshine was too strong. I can not make sure whether I focalized camera successfully because I just look the display screen. Those mistakes lead to some problems for our footages, like overexposure and out of focus. The framing was good. I always confident of photography composition. However, we could not use those footages.

At the second time, we did a good shooting. The process for this shooting was very good. It was efficient. We found three interviewees, and avoided all the potential mistakes. I assist Alex adjust the framing, focus and aperture. He was a little bit can not help moving the camera but I preferred a still framing for our shoot. He took my advice and was try to control his hands. So, we got great footages but next time I think I should spent more time to find a better places without some noises.

This time, I want to make an integrated documentary and maybe it should have some creative ideas inside. I want audience can feel this is a well-organized documentary. I will try my best even though the footages are limited. I don’t want to follow any traditional mode of documentary. I want to edit it from my subjective experience so that I can find my shortages when I use my work and compared it with others. I can make progress next time. So, my basic plan is using subtitles, interviews, vox pops and abstract footages, but how to organize it? I do not know. If I have some new ideas, I will put it in the editing. So, the final construction of my documentary will be presented in my final cut.

In addition, I can find the footage I need easily, I also add the layering of vision and audio to my work. I cut slowly and spent time to ponder because I want to make a good documentary whereas make perfunctory.


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