Peer feedback

A group made a video, which it the non-stop fiction story, the group member include Rick, Cindy and others. I like it very much because of the story creations and the whole style of the storyexplores, expecially the ending. However, this short vedio can be longer. The frame is brilliant but I think the shots could be more changed. I think if they can spend more time to make shots for this story, it will be wonderful.

‘Cooking for students or freshman’ is Shu’s group’s program. They use snapchat make videos and put some photos in Ins. They named it as Budgetmunchies. I like this grogram very much because I think I feel happy when I watching it. I think people will glad to watch it in their leisure time. I suggest that they can encourage the audiences share their cooking experience and post on Budgetmunchies.


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