Digital story

The International Study Diaries

David, Zoey and Cheng


  1. Content     I think our content is very good because it is useful for some Chinese who want to study go abroad, especially choosing come to Melbourne.
  2. Aesthetics     I think the aesthetic of our project is not well- designed enough because we did not share our suggestions in this respect. So that the appearance of our Prezi totally designed by David because we are concentrate on the video making. However, I think we did a good job because our program have heavy tasks. I also like David’s design because it is clear and simple. I think next time we can designed more beautiful as long as we have enough time.
  3. Technology     In this respect, I think Zoey and David are better than me. I think I just master basic skills on shooting or editing but I can feel they are advanced. I think there are two reasons. The first one is they are not freshmen, the second is they are hard working. I can feel both of them are serious person in their studying or working. In order to make a good digital story, sometimes I am afraid of doing some important work by myself because I think they can do better than me. So I have to admit that they did mostly tasks, which than me a lot.
  4. Processes     We make a clear time plan so that we do not have any problem on the process. We also use WhatsApp to keep contact in order to make sure we can keep going for our processing.
  5. Collaboration     I feel so happy I can collaborate with Zoey and David because of their warm-hearted, responsible and friendly. They have put energy into making our digital story and also teaching me some professional skills. Thanks a lot.


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