Practice-led research

I am a person have an organisational problem sometime. So I was not used to sharing my production to public online. Even though I created my personal blog in one Chinese Website but I never post everything after I created it. I prefer to share some entertainment topics to my friends rather than share my productions to strangers who maybe give me some negative and aggressive comments, which could make me feel unhappy.
However, after reading an article, which is ‘Why Every Professional Should Consider Blogging’, written by Antonio Cangiano(2012), I learned a lot. I could not see myself as a kid anymore. I am a Master of Media student. I have many business need to do.
In this article, Antonio illustrate some of the main benefits that directly derive from running a blog, some of them encourage me a lot.
  • Blogging can provide you with a repository for your knowledge
  • Blogging can help you make friends
  • Blogging can provide you with a second income
  • Blogging can advance your career
  • Blogging can help you reach and teach a wide audience
Antonio Cangiano, 2012, ‘Why Every Professional Should Consider Blogging’.




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