Hashtag research

This is my first time using a service which is  Twubs, do some hashtag research which is relevant to our group’s digital story. When I open this  website, I find that I don’t need to create a new account because I can use my Twitter account to log in. At first, I do a hashtag research about Chinese students in Melbourne, but I can’t get any result. However, I get a notice which is I couldn’t input these words separate so that I input a word like #ChinesestudentsMelbourne, but it still doesn’t work. So I think maybe I need to make these words become shorter, so that it becomes to the #Chinesestudent, and I get some results which have some problem. These results present some pornographic information. I don’t know the reason why I receive those kind of results after I input like # Chinesestudent in Twubs’s hashtag research so that I fell worry about this website. I think Twubs would better delete this kind of negative information so that visitors can’t receive some negative results which are not their really want and also harmful. However, finally , I get what is I am looking for. I input #internationalstudent, and then I get many interested results. For example, some people provide some advices for international student studying abroad. I think this kind of information is useful.


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