You find a Scene

Leon: The Professional is a 1994 crime thriller film directed by Luc Besson. In the film, Leon(Reno), a professional hitman, reluctantly takes in 12-years-old Mathilda (Portman), after her family is murdered by a corrupt drug police officer. Leon and Mathilda form an special relationship. This film was a commercial success. I want to introduce a scene from the beginning of this film, which is Leon talks with a middle-aged man indoor.

In this scene, it is a conversation between two men. Audiences can find some interested details from Leon’s dressing. Also, audiences could find their curiosity is increasing when they are concentrate on watching this section because Luc Besson just use Close-up and extremely Close-up shots to present this dialogue.

In the beginning, the shot is Close-up. Leon put his hands on the table and there is a glass of milk. The background is dark. It present a kind of serious and cautious atmosphere. When he talks to the middle-aged man, audience still couldn’t know leon’s face because he wears sunglasses with the extremely Close-up shot. On the screen, audience also just can look the middle-aged man’s left eye because of the extremely Close-up shot. I like these shots because they are creative and unusual. In the common sense, If the director want to use extremely Close-up shot who also need great courage. Using these shots are like doing adventures. However, Luc Besson obtained success in these shots because of the good expression and image effects. I think using these shots in the beginning is like preparing suspenses for audience and arouse their curiosity.


In addition, I also feel interested to some props, like a glass of milk and sunglasses. Leon is the protagonist, he is a professional killer, but he likes drinking milk and he wears sunglasses indoor. The director wants to imply some special features of Leon’s personality. Those features and clew are very important for the whole film because they can contribute to the character and shape the personality of the full image. Therefore, I want to recommend this film is because I like its plot and some creative and boldest shots.



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