TK2 Taxi Driver Deconstruction

At the beginning of the scene from Taxi Driver, the director use Mid Shot to present the main character. He is driving a car, the window of the car becomes a special frame in the image. This is a good shot because it can provide enough informations to audiences, like his looks, his dressing. After that, there is a Long Shot and Single Shot follow him walk into a building. It means director wants to imply the main location where is the main plot is going and present the outward environment as well.

In the middle, when the two main characters communicate with each other, the director uses many  Mid shot, Medium Close-up and Two Shot to present their talking so that the audience can find there are some close-ups which can present character’s faces and hands. It can reflect some details which could present their personalities. In addition, there are some shots which seem like the OTS are when Betsy talks to Travis. This is a classic composition in the shot. Audiences can see the foreground is a view of Travis’s back which is hazy. The subject is Betsy. She is clear and the camera angle is Low angle so that audiences can focus on Travis’s actions. The camera angle is Medium angle in the most of the time because generally speaking, this angle is the best way to present someone talking or conversations. What’s more, the camera angles is High angle when camera follows Travis’s hand slowly moving, the camera angles is High angle and the view is Close-up. I think in that moment, director wants to present Betsy’s body language and to reflect some of his personalities.

Next, there are some shots are really classic, which include three characters. Travis is in the left, Betsy is in the right, they are talking. Another men is in the middle of the background. So, in the screen, audiences may can feel a special-triangle relationship in these three people. Even though the third character is in the background and isn’t clear that much but he seem like the subject in that moment. Some of the audiences maybe pay more attention to his actions or movements. I think these shots hint that this man plays a special role in the plot.

At last, Travis walks around in the outside. It’s a Mid Shot with Single Shot, and, the camera angle is follow him making left translation. Maybe it hints that he is excited or feel nervous because he walks up and down.


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