The initiative post

I am interested in a concept of Montage. When I was in undergraduate university, I heard a word, Montage, which is related to the film making. Also, I knew it was used in architectural field in the beginning. From the Wikipedia, I realized that Montage is a technique in film editing  in which a series of short shots are edited into a sequence to condense space, time, and information. However, it still make me feel confused. I think it is too abstract but when I understand that in various contexts, Montage is similar with film editing, I think I basically understand what it is. So, I want to choose a very classic film, Schindler’s List, and try to analysis how does the director use Montage in this film.

This is black and white film which could express this is a serious story or event. The editor mixes many different scenes together and make it have closely connections. For example, the last shot is Schindler takes off his watch and the next shot is a Nazi officer wearing Schindler’s watch, which means the action of  bribery. In this film, they use some contrastive shots to present the plot. When a Jew is exiled to another uptown, Schindler moves into the Jew’s house and he feel satisfied. Compare Schindler and the Jew, it can present Jew’s miserable experience in that age.


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