Prompt – Readings

1.According to the Sight and Hearing, it states that image and sound must not support each other. I don’t think this is a correct argument because I think image and sound can support each other, especially in film editing.

At first, great sounds can contribute to the images. For example, in some famous horror movies, like The Ring, has strongly effective sounds  which could make the audiences feel more nervous when they are staring at the screens. However, according to the specific exercise which attempted by many people. They found that when they watch the horror movies, if they turn off the sounds just look the image, their fear could decrease. If they turn off the sounds of the film but play some comical music when they are watching the film, most of them feel funny. So, I think choosing good music or sounds is very important for the whole films as well as getting great shots. From the Sight and Hearing, it argues that if the sound and the image are equal, it is a disadvantage. However, in my opinion, as long as the sound and the image are great and match with each other. It can contribute to the film and makes it seems like more harmonious.

Second, great images also can contribute to the sounds. As the writer mentioned in the Sight and Hearing, ‘The ear goes more towards the within, the eye towards the outer’, I think when audiences watch a film for the first time, whey would be impressed at the excellent images. So, I think the image play more important role than the sound in film producing. I think good images can cover the shortage of sounds. If a film crew get great shots, I think those great shots can excite their enthusiasm in finding great music when they are editing.

However, I agree with that ‘A sound must never come to the rescue of an image, nor an image to the rescue of a sound’, which is from the Sight and Hearing, but I don’t agree with that ‘Power of the cinematographer use eyes and ear impatiences’ because I think it is too exaggerate. I think no matter we are a new student or a professional cinematographer, as long as you are shooting, we should try our best to overcome many issues. We also should try to appeal to the two senses in a governable way. I also think we can’t avoid something, like make mistakes but I believe that we are trying to avoid make mistakes.

In fact that many films are famous for their plots, images or original music. They are classics. At last, I would like to focus or refocus that if someone think image and sound can not support each other, I would say it is because the person is not careful enough and hard working.

2.According to the Actor and the Director, the writer questions how much does the film actor need to know about the work of the film director and some directors declare that the less the actor knows the better. I agree with this point of view because I think actors should listen to the film director, they should concentrate on their performances whereas be interrupted by their distractions. I think even though some actors are quite intelligent, but it is unnecessary when they are acting. They are just actors, what they need to do is good performances. It is enough. Don’t worry about something special which are not their duty to do. What’s more, if an actor who is very critical, he or she maybe bring negative effects to film shootings because he or she may argue with the director or cameraman. It will lead a disadvantage aspects for the friendly filming atmosphere and it may creates some scheduling issues. However, If this actor can use his or her talents and present good performances. It will be awesome. As the writer argues that the director and editors have as important role to play in creating effective performance on screen. They should consider the overall conditions. As actors, they should speak meaning to certain words, provide the audience with a clear understanding of reactions and emotions and do something else because I think division and cooperation  are very important in the film making. If the actor could not follow the director’s order and even argue with the director, I think it may delay their film producing progress.  However, if actors can recognize the basic elements of film grammar, it will be good for their filming progress.

In my opinion, the director and the cameramen play more important roles than the actor because they should pay more attentions to the overall environments. To be precise, the director should notice the whole process and avoid some big mistake and provide guidance for each workers, also include actors. The cameramen should focus on shooting the images and taking director’s advices. It seems like they need to focus the whole frame in shooting which is difficult to the actor who is performing. All in all, I believe that if people can play their roles well in the teamwork, it will good for their working process. By contrast, if some people meddle too much in their filming, I don’t think people will glad at it.


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