Lenny – reflection


To be honest, I didn’t prepare well for my Pre-Production. I just think a while. So, there were some suppositional shots in my mind but I didn’t draw it. Actually, I found one of student did a great preparation. He drawed a detailed story and used a way of story board. It made me feel so ashamed for myself. In addition, I feel inconfident in recording, I think I didn’t learn it well. Some of buttons, I don’t know their functions, which is because I didn’t do any review even though I have an instruction paper. I think I am too lazy. However, basically, I think I mastered most of essential operations and steps, like how to combine those different equipments, how to set white balance and so on.


According to the plan, I was the first person who undertake the director position in our two groups. I think it was a big challenge for me. I still remember all was hurry and confusion in my mind in that moment. I didn’t control the time very well because  I was misunderstand the arranged plan. In a word, it was not a good start when we started our filming missions. What’s more, because of lacking  experiences in leading the teamwork, it was difficult for me to make a decision when other team members had different ideas. For some other reasons, I think I just got some simple and satisfactory shots rather than some creative shots. Anyway, I appreciated two group members hard work, cooperation, supports and understanding. I also felt so sorry for them because of my mistakes, not everyone completely engaged in the shooting exercise in that day. However, I believed that most of members were satisfied with the shots we got.


In this process, I think I basically follow the steps which are the teacher told us before, like the sequence, footage to label and so on. It is really good to following these steps  because it can make all the items more clear. Also, sometimes, it can save our mistakes.

Our group just finish the simple rough cut, we still not put any music into the shots. When we check our all shots, we feel satisfied with our work. So, when we do the rough cut, we can finish it very fast.



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