The Expertise (three shot) edit

In this Expertise edit, I think I feel generally satisfied with my process.

When I am thinking about the quality and usability of my recording. According to the teamwork, that represent  we got simple but correct shots. Both of the quality and usability were good.

When I am thinking about the effect of layering and juxtaposition of both the audio and the video, I used a music instead of the initial sounds. I think it was enough for my three shot film because the initial sounds were so noisy and meaningless for my expressing. So, I do not think I should put a music and the initial sounds together in this time. However, for next time, if I think I should juxtapose musics and original voices together, I will do it. In this exercise, I choose a music which sounds very deeply and strongly. The music and the three shots were matched.

I think this is a small practice but it also useful for enhancing our shot skills. I understand how to present continuous movements by sequencing connectable motion in the film editing. Even though our group just create simple shots, which in plain sight and the subjects were our group members, but I think we did a good practice.


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