The abstract edit

This is a reflection of my abstract exercise.

During this period of practices, I’ve learnt a lot. I think I have already recognized some knowledge and mastered some skills from this task but I also realized that I can develop my shooting and editing in many aspects.

Firstly, when I am talking about the quality and usability of my recording,  I feel satisfied for the most part. I think it is generally good because I still remember in that day, the weather was rainy and we just had few time to do it. honestly,  it was my first time to do some professional shooting, which means both of my abilities and external conditions were limited. therefore I try to find some interesting scenes and made it become unusual shots. However, my shots were not enough for me. I’ve  had to put few shots which made by my group members. Therefore,  when I doing editing, I was trying to mix them up together but I need to ensure their continuity even though it was an abstract edit. So, when I cut those shots, I was careful. What is more, I felt happy because I found that we can use most of the shots, which made by our group, because of the good quality and usability.

Secondly, when I am talking about the effect of layering and juxtaposition of my edit, I feel satisfied with my exercise. In the past, even though I knew editor can use music to cover the voices which from the initial shots but I didn’t try it until now, I just have an opportunity to do this practice. So, when I used music to cover the voices or I combined the music and voices together, I felt so excited. I found that different music can bring different feelings into films. In addition, I think most of time in the shots, the original voices can be deleted in the editing because of their meaningless. What’s more, I found that sometimes, the initial sounds are necessary because they can express something very important. Therefore, I think how to layering and juxtaposition of both the audio and video in our editing is depend on our purposes, like which kind of emotions we want to express or what’s the meaning for this shot. So, When I am considering my abstract exercise, in some scenery shots or abstract shots, I put the music into my shots and delete the original sounds is because I want audiences can enjoy the music and graphics and develop their imaginations. In the last several shots, I put the music and sounds together is because I want to present the whole environments and make compares with the preceding shots, which include gentle emotions and strong emotions.

Lastly, I think I learnt a lot from working with this kind of audio and video, I learnt how to edit the audio and video. The most important thing is I learnt how to do some choices of layering and juxtapositions of both the audio and the video. I found that making audio-visual harmonious is a basic and making it creativity is a challenge.


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