Reflect and Write

After reading the ‘writing reflectively’, I have found two points that were valuable for me.

The first one is a concept, called ‘cognitive housekeeping’. The second one is one of the strategies for enhancing learning, called ‘question and challenge familiar situations’. So, in the following, I will explain why I am interested in these two points.

· Cognitive Housekeeping

 ‘Cognitive housekeeping’ is a new concept for me. I never know such a word before. In my experience, when I have written some reflections, I always feel interested in this process because I feel like I can write anything. I can argue, I can critique, I can express my point of view. I believe there is a ‘cognitive housekeeping’ in my mind, which support me to present constructive comments or broader reflections. After I had this concept in my mind, I understand why I always feel excited when I write some reflections. I never feel bored because of the cognition. I keep it in my brain but this cognition usually want to ‘take a breath’, they want to be used rather than just be stored in my brain. Reflection provides an opportunity for my expression. Finally, to say, I think ‘cognitive housekeeping’ is a creative word for me.

· Question and challenge familiar situations

I think ‘Question and challenge familiar situations’ is an effective and important strategy for enhancing our critical thinking. When we meet the same or the familiar situations, I think most of us just conform to the past. When we need to write a reflection from an antiquated article, I think it is hard to find new idea for most of us. However, if we can question and challenge the familiar points, I think it can contribute to a wider view and eliminate ours cognitive bias. Therefore, I strongly recommend this strategy. I also believe that after doing some practices, we could find many points when we write reflection, and, discover many methods when we solve problem.


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