Prompt – A scene

A scene from Martin Scorseses’s 1976 film Taxi Driver is talking about the main character Travis who wants to date a beautiful girl Betsy. So, there are many shots of their chatting.

At the beginning, the director use Mid Shot to describe the main character. He is a driver, he wear a red clothes and his looks. After that, there is a Long Shot and Single shot follow him walk into to the building, which means the main place in this scene will take place indoor.

Next, during their communication, director use some Mid shot, Medium Close-up and most Two Shot to present their talking. The audience can find there are some close-ups which present the main character’s face and hands. What’s more, there are several shots are similar with the OTS when Betsy is talking to the Travis. So, in that shots, audience can see the foreground is a view of Travis’s back which is hazy. The subject is Betsy. She is clear and the camera angle is Low angle. Most of time, the camera angle is Medium angle in this scene. When the camera follow Travis’s hand slowly moving, the camera angles is High angle. However, I feel unnatural for his hand’s moving because I feel a little bit dissonance between his sound and his hands moving.

I think the editing for this scene is good because the frame is consistent. However, I find in one shot, when Betsy is talking to the Travis, he glance at the camera lens. It is a little strange.

In this scene, I think they put a very good decoration the desk. It is a small basket. I think it can make these shots more vivid. It also imply this loving story between the two characters. In addition, both of them wear red clothes. I guess it maybe hint they are match. Not only the dressing, but also their personality. The director choose red colour and maybe wants to suggest their passionate character. I think it is meaningful.

In addition, There are some shots include three important characters. When Travis and Betsy are talking, Travis is in the left, Betsy is in the right, another men in the middle of the background. So, it seems like there is a triangle in the screen. I think it could excite audience’s curiously. Then, I will guess what’s the relationship between this guy and Betsy and if he like her.

In the end, Travis walking in the outside and waiting Betsy. It is a Mid Shot with Single Shot and the camera angle is follow the main character doing left translation.


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