Goals and Desires

As the beginner in the course, I want to know how to record sounds and images correctly and creatively. I want to learn how can I produce an entire video. I want to know all about the process. I think it is necessary for me to recognize some basic theoretical knowledge, and, do more practices for enhancing my editing skills. If I can master some editing software , like Premiere, I should to consider how can I make my video become better. It means I should arrange a good story in my video. I should find good scenes. I should use montage technique. I should make sure the sound and image synchronization. I want to use some music which is made by myself. I want to put it into my video even though it is very simple or it may not sounds professional.

I know the time is limited in class, I hope I can develop my hobby in editing videos so that I can do more practices or read more related information. I am looking forward to keep my learning interest because I think I have good teachers in class, advanced equipment in school and excellent film materials in Melbourne. Before this semester, I just can take good photography. It is not enough for me. I want shoot a good video as well. In addition, I hope when I watch movies, I can become more professional rather than just an ordinary audience. I want to become more sensitive to the movie narration, the Movie Montage and so on. I want to become more critical when I watching films.

If I find some related job in the future, I think I need to consider a little bit more. I should recognize the film production entirely, which maybe involved marketing and consumer psychology.

So, I am trying to achieve those goals. Trying to learn, trying to practice, enjoying the process and no regrets.


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