Crew Roles

· When I read the Crew Roles before, I just know some of the key roles in film production. I know the director, I know the camera operator because I always see it in the beginning of films. So, some roles are familiar to me, but some roles are not. For example, like casting director. So, I still feel a little confused about the differences between the casting director and director. I think both of them are important to the entire film producing but I guess the casting director should follow the order by director.

· In the past, I was no idea about the art department. I did not think that the art department is very important. I thought this department maybe just make smaller contributions to productions. However, I already knew their works and responsibilities. So, these concepts for those roles have been forming in my mind.

· I did not know that the construction specialists and the special effects should answer to the art director before. I thought they maybe should answer to the director. I feel a little surprised for this information. According to the Developing a Crew, I find some abbreviations, like DP, MP and so on. It is interesting. Different individuals or groups need to answer the different individuals or groups. It seems extremely complicated but it is worth to understand the network.

· In the end, I have a question. In these materials, why it does not mention about the actors. Is it means actors are not key role in film production? However, I think actors also play important roles in film production and should answer to the director or other experts.


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